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Our Story

Kontakt LLP was registered on February 26, 1996 and provides audit services on the basis of state license No. 0000059 issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since 1996, Kontakt LLP has been invariably headed by Murzashev Galymzhan Ashanovich, an auditor of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who has more than 20 years of experience in the field of audit services and tax consulting. In addition to this experience, Murzashev Galymzhan Ashanovich has fundamental experience in teaching accounting at the leading universities of the country, which allows us to give a balanced, accurate, and in-depth assessment of any issue that is put before us by the client. The main activity of our company is carried out in Uralsk, Kazakhstan, the cities of Western Kazakhstan (Atyrau, Kulsary, Aktobe, and Aktau), and online.

Who We Are

Kontakt LLP is one of the leading Kazakh audit firms in Western Kazakhstan. Our auditors have specialized experience in such areas as subsoil use, power industry, healthcare, defense industry, education, and trade. We take into account the specifics of the region and are able to provide audit and consulting services in Uralsk, Atyrau, Kulsary, and Aktau. Our pricing policy is flexible and always takes into account the interests of the client.

Our Vision

We understand that when running a business, large or small, it is impossible to take into account many nuances and be effective in all aspects of the business, but without financial literacy, it is impossible to build a successful business that requires certain experience and competence. We understand this very well and will help each of our clients achieve impressive success through the competent construction of the company's financial accounting and structuring of its business.

About Us




Financial Advisory

Our company advises clients on a quality that, in our opinion, no other firm can match. Our relationships with clients are built on trust and confidentiality. We have established ourselves in various industries and have accumulated rich experience. As a Kazakh consulting firm, we have exceptional experience in various industries and geographic sectors of our country.

Auditing services

Kontakt LLP has been conducting mandatory and initiative audits of any sectors of the economy and forms of ownership for over 20 years. We audit statements in accordance with Kazakhstan Financial Reporting Standards (KFRS), and IFRS, as well as tax audits. Kontakt LLP is one of the oldest audit firms in Western Kazakhstan. Among the clients are Kazakhstani and international companies, manufacturing, trade, construction enterprises, non-profit organizations, state enterprises, and many others

What We Offer


The auditors of Kontakt LLP have a deep knowledge of the tax and legal requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Eurasian Economic Union. Since the main activity of our company is carried out at the crossroads of trade routes with the EurAsEC countries and in the context of specific industries (for example, subsoil use), we can provide the most accurate and practical advice with a possible solution to your problem.

Fraud prevention

We help our clients fight money laundering, prevent suspicious transactions as a subject of monitoring and bankruptcy services for individuals.


Some industries require an understanding of the specifics of accounting. Our specialists have niche experience in such areas as subsoil use, power industry, healthcare, defense industry, education, and trade. Advising on these industry-specific issues will allow your company to reduce risk, and increase profits, and manageability of the company.



Deep Industry Knowledge

Kontakt Audit in Kazakhstan started its audit activity in 1997.

From the very beginning, the company has positioned itself as a niche audit company focused on the quality of audits and individuality in the needs of our clients.

We have always understood and understand that audit services mean the confidentiality of the information received and the right advice from our specialists to improve the efficiency of our clients' business.

Years of Experience

Since the end of the 90s, we have been helping our clients build successful and efficient businesses that have been able to survive various crises and trials, with which they have been able to become even more successful and experienced. We, as experts, have helped hundreds of Kazakhstani and foreign companies to save and increase their finances thanks to our vast experience and knowledge in the Kazakhstani market. We have accumulated vast experience in such niches as oil and gas, manufacturing, energy, medicine, trading, and financial activities.

Personal approach

Each client is individual and his requests are also individual and he wants to get as many answers to them as possible. We are always trying to help our clients find the best way to solve their problems through the accumulated experience and the versatility of our employees. Our experience is your business accelerator.

Why Us



Our Address in Almaty

49 Khadzhimukana street, office 73, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Our Address in Uralsk

89 Amanzholova street, office 27, Uralsk, Kazakhstan

Our Phone No.

+7 777 560 78 01

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